Accessibility statement

Midgam consulting & research ltd considers accessibility for people with disabilities as a top priority. This site was modified as required, by equal rights regulations for people with disabilities (2013) W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, level AA.

Below is a partial list of adjustments that were made:


The option to skip between different parts of the page and the website

An option to skip between different parts of the page and the website. This option allows blind users to navigate using the tab key. Below are the navigational options:

  • Skip tp content - skips to the main section of a page
  • Main menu

Sight disability adjustments

There were modifications for people with sight disabilities, with the option for high contrast to increase visibility. It's also possible to increase the display (Clicking both Ctrl and +), or decrease (using Ctrl and -). Alternatively, there's a disability tool button that allows different and custom modifications.

Modifications for blind users that use a screen reader

This website includes the following modifications for blind users that use a screen reader:
  • Headlines
  • Alternative text for images
  • Dividing the website to navigation sections, and the option to skip between sections.

Adjustments for keyboard users

All website operations can be performed by the Tab key on the keyboard in the following way: Clicking Tab to move between options and clicking Enter to submit. Shift-tab will go an option backward.

About this accessibility statement

This statement was last updated on 24.10.2021, for optimal browsing, please use the Chrome browser and a JAWS screen reader.

Contact us about accessibility

We're doing our best to make our website accessible to everyone. in any case, please write to us at